Trust. Do you have it in you? 

Peace and trust are states of being within ourselves. They can not be achieved through another. They can not be gifted to you from another. Trust is not something you actually have in another, it’s something you have within.  When you fully trust yourself, your life and your ability to be “ok”… then, and only

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When Life Gives You A Flat

As I sit waiting on Huey’s Wrecker Service, I default to my stress-reliever… creativity. Saturday was my sons 14th birthday party and as I went to pick up balloons & cake I heard the familiar thunk-thunk of something wrong. I’d heard it on Wednesday when it actually happened yet I chose to ignore it, thinking

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The Kissing Leaves

Near in Spirit yet always apart Immovable desire, standing afar Firmly rooted in lifetimes of longing Painfully forced to witness  The lovers process The falling to let go  The true essence of surrender Frozen in silent learning A quiet yearning The necessary bitter cold Lays to rest any worry Out of control Creates the wanting

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A Flashlight Through The Bullshit

I wrote this back in March of 2016 and a dear friend created/painted the accompanying picture based on the words and feeling I was expressing. He’s the Artista. He also knew where I was coming from. Today similar feelings are stirred and I feel… raw, vulnerable and completely letting go of control. I don’t like control… it screams of lack. I don’t like drama. I really just want to love life. This painting got hung up again today. Vulnerability hurts so much more than control… but that’s where Love exists. … and I love.