meMy passion is building people. I’ve done it for 18yrs now within my business and I thrive there! Watching people achieve their dreams and live their best life is a huge source of joy and fulfillment to me. I’m a lot of things… business owner, mom, motivational speaker, business builder, people builder… here I strive to be me. Sharing my unique perspective on the world, nature, self-care and whatever inspires to get in touch with our inner nougaty-center… you know, your magic!, that fabulous mix that makes you you and me me.

I’m also a certified Meditation & Ayurveda teacher and Seven Spiritual Laws of yoga instructor through the Chopra Center of Wellbeing. This is the path that’s helped me find my magic. That and Alice, Tolkien and more… who doesn’t need a white rabbit AND a white wizard?  I’m simply me, with a head full of ideas, a desire to overcome fears and a passion to inspire. Follow me down the rabbit hole… where all the best magic is!