Language Matters

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As a person who does love using the F word when passionately explaining something or during exuberant dialogue and exciting times…

I do say it… Frequently but not often.

That’s a thing.

I’m seeing how much saying fuck is blatantly accepted when at times it’s terribly inappropriate and actually feels hurtful.

Just me?

Mind you I’m a huge fan of Mark Manson’s book… The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck

and maybe I should put it into practice right now…

truth is I don’t personally carry an agenda about cursing. I do it. I accept it. I kind of prefer the people who aren’t afraid or offended by it.


Words carry energy… the energy that’s behind what’s being said. I don’t think words themselves are good or bad… but I do think we should keep awareness on how & when we are speaking.

I’ve recently had a person interrupt me saying “don’t interrupt me, I’m speaking” and my interjection was to let them know I was confused and not following… so I remained confused and then also greatly hurt as these words were almost yelled at me.

Even following some IG celebs that have made using the F word, and any other colorful language they choose, their trademark… it often makes me feel a negative sense toward their true motivations. Perhaps it’s because now I’m unsure what their message is and I see instead a rally of others just cheering on that she said fuck but have no clue what she’s getting at anyway.

It’s funny because I’d never use it to tell someone to F off (maybe I should a few lol) or I couldn’t even bring myself to give someone the finger and actually find that as offensive as seeing someone smoke.

Meaning when I see either of those behaviors I see a lack of self-respect. Maybe what someone sees in me when I’m on drink 3 or going in for more dessert. Same same. I get it.

We all have these individual moral compasses. That’s good. Maybe my point here is… become more and more aware of what yours are instead of accepting what myself and others are doing.

Know your values.

Know yourself.

Aren’t we the strangest creatures?

I’m sure I’m about to get the regulars chiming in on their take… as I guess the social media platform rolls out the red carpet for.*

*This started as an FB post and I appropriately grabbed my values & boundaries and took it to my blog.

I’m certainly opinionated on my own posts as well, yet find it mostly unnecessary to comment on others.

I’m more concerned with learning about myself, what triggers me, what supports me and what makes me want to walk the f away.

Plus when I’m posting in a blog or social media I’m mostly just rambling down the road of discovery and am sharing that. When I want advice, I ask for it.

Probably nothing gets me more riled up than unsolicited advice & guidance.

Like I said… strange creatures! … writes more advice lol

I love that I’m finding more of my boundaries, more of my own edges… more of myself.

Language really matters to me.

The freedom of our speech.

The freedom of expression.

It’s also very indicative of a persons BEing-ness…

If the occasional expletive flies then I’m all for it.

If your whole demeanor says “I don’t give a fuck” then I’m likely not going to cultivate that relationship.

We should care.

I’m all for supporting everyone’s personal growth however I don’t think we’re growing if we are just telling anything that doesn’t work for us to go f itself.

I would have really hurt a lot of people in the last few months if that were the case!

Actually I’m not giving advice here on what you should or shouldn’t say… I’m encouraging us all to read things that support us, follow what helps us grow, do what feels right and walk away from what insults your soul.

Much love to you all!

Thoughts? They’re welcome… my boundaries are pretty strong 😉 I can take it, use what serves me, and let go of what doesn’t. See… ❤️

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