Without You Loving Me


When I found all I was looking for,

When you arrived and my heart became a temple of worship,

When you said I’d never be alone again,

When our lips met in intoxicating kisses,

When I felt complete in your embrace,

When I became consumed by the mere thought of you,

When my heart felt home looking into your eyes,

When I fell knowing you’d catch me,

When my soul recognized you from lifetimes before,

When my Spirit came alive in your presence,

When every fiber of my being craved your love,

When my every desire was to love you,

I had no clue this day would come.

When I walked away from that loving,

When my mind finally said let go,

When my heart that’s ached with pain and tears would stop,

Simply because you are nowhere to be found,

and my soul can’t take another day with you on my mind,

Without you loving me.

I walked away still wondering if you cared.

Photo from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. In this chapter it says, “People of Orphalese, the wind bids me leave you. Less hasty than the wind, yet I must go.”

I thought it extremely fitting for this poem and my current mood.

©️copyright 2017 ArtemisOnFire

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