The Dating Chronicles: At the Coffee House Again— Really Raw, Loving ‘The Job’ and My Superhero Willpower.

The Dating Chronicles often contain some foul language, very explicit sexual content, pushing boundaries and very open-minded thinking. Read on if you are aware of this and are not judging my perspective, lifestyle or general musings. We are all on our own journey. I share my thoughts and experience with those who may benefit or become inspired to find their own magic through their sacred sexuality. It’s not my way to create a separate blog for just this topic, as that’s really my point. Sex is a part of life. It’s woven into the fabric of our existence and I weave it into my blog along with the rest of my life. It’s part of who I am and I embrace all of me and I coach others to do the same. I post this disclaimer because I understand that’s not for everyone… therefor if you are already offended, stop here. Please. If you are intrigued… read on! I wish you luck in finding yourSelf, your inner magic and fun while dating, living life and hopefully having great sex.

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I’ve been in a coffee house for about three hours writing more on the Dating Chronicles.

That love I’ve talked about all summer/fall… he texted & called the day I got back from California. Said he wanted to get together. My hopes soared! Then he disappeared again. Ugh! It’s been three weeks ago today! That’s just wrong. I will say… although there was so much more and obviously I fell BIG TIME!… the sex was off-the-charts good and was even getting to the great stage for me. I learned a lot, wanted to explore more with him and… well, he’s not here. 😦


I activated my online dating site again last night.

The Devil must have made me do it — lol — but honestly it was that book!

I mean, there’s a definite place I like to be on my knees worshiping.

Oh shit I’m going to hell for sure.

Wait, I don’t believe in hell.

Ok let me explain… I got a head of myself there… I mean ahead.

It’s taking all I’ve got to concentrate when last night I started reading a great book on blowjobs called Blow Yourself Away. There’s no way I can sugar-coat it. Yum, that’s a great pun too 😉 — that, is one of my favorite activities on the planet! As in ‘that package’ makes me as giddy as a kid at Christmas! It’s birthdays, surprises and amusement park rides all rolled into one delicious celebration. Not just any package but the one attached to someone you love… oh my wow. LOVE it!

Do yourself. and/or do yourself a favor and get this book! 🔥 I’d consider myself an Olympic contender in The Job category and I’m learning… 😳 🔥 ok Olympics might be too pro but I definitely get a gold in enthusiasm 😉

To add to the heat…

Two different, new men are texting me last night & this morning. We’d messaged each other a month or so ago and I guess they freaked when I deactivated my account because they were quick to reach out. “omg! I’m so glad you came back!” — me  too 🙂

I talked to one last night via text and both this morning… and holy smokin aces they’re hot. Of course they have no idea I even have a blog let alone what I occasionally write about. Again, I don’t share myself with many and my writing is as intimate to me as my body/mind.

These men are certainly adding to my heat factor right now though.

I’m sitting here writing about the blowjob book, benefits men should know to help their women love it, why women love it when they do, and some personal experience stories. I’m writing a little about cuckolding… yes, I’ve recently read/researched a bit on this topic I’d not understood before. I was asked about it so I wanted to be in the know and… now I know and I’ll share more on that later.

All the while, I’m trying not to think about these new men but write objectively about what I’ve learned to contribute benefit to the lives of women out there that do, or really want to, find bliss in their sacred sexual empowerment.

Mind you, not all of my Dating Chronicles Posts are super explicit nor all about sex. When they are, I sincerely hope it doesn’t take away from my overall mission of sacred sexuality. I enjoy meaningful sex. There actually has to be a chemistry and connection in order for me to share myself with anyone and ultimately I am looking for a committed monogamous (hmmm?) relationship.

I would not consider myself promiscuous at all. I do have a few friends who love sex for sex sake and even if it’s mechanical and simply gets the job done, then they are all in. These women are PHD’s, CEO’s and managers of large companies. They like to have their needs met too. … and they LOVE great sex! We have learned a lot from each other and our sex lives have greatly benefited. The women in my circle of friends… we talk about sex, and oh wow can it get raunchy, naughty and down right delicious!

Still.. it’s when we want it and no really means .. NO!

I’ve also been in women’s groups or discussions where some women are extremely shy, repressed or simply don’t have a clue and they are dying to know things. That is definitely one of the reasons I share.

Even after a yoga class I taught one day I spoke to a woman about Ujjayi breathing and she talked about how relaxed she gets. She’d never experienced such deep relaxation before and it was all from this technique and the way I teach to focus it on different areas of the body.  Me being me, I said, “Maybe you should try it during sex.” Holy wow did she ever have a smile on her face at the next weeks class. I could see her looking at me and blushing for an hour and she couldn’t wait to run up after and say.. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

We deserve to be allowed to talk about sex, feel great about having it, learn from each other, know some of the things men may ask of you –because they will. Or things you may want to try… this is your life experience! Being prepared and knowing your boundaries is hugely important for you to feel comfortable about sex.–

In short… and I hope it’s not 😉 I am not trying to be salacious, lewd or vulgar — that can be saved for the bedroom.

… and oh my. Oh my. Oh! My! I can’t stop thinking about “The Job”– and men! –and holy smokin aces he just sent me a pic of himself in bed with coffee… and no shirt. I think he has really high thread count sheets… yes, girl don’t even look at that picture again! Yep, he definitely has a really nice set of….. sheets. *sigh*

AND, if that’s not enough mental/physical overwhelm distracting me from my writing… I kid you not, there have been three tables of very loud-talking people around me this whole time. They are meeting and talking about their churches, preaching, the power of God and now a very, very loud-voiced guy is talking about Satan’s deceptive powers. I can’t count the times I’ve heard Jesus, God, the Gospel and ‘on Sunday’.

A less-knowledgeable, less-Self-aware and less-confident mind might say it’s a message. I however, am super done with judging myself about how much I enjoy great sex. So I won’t judge either and I sincerely hope all of these lovely people are having fantastic, epic, DIVINE sex!

It’s really time for everyone, especially women, to find a healthy balance to live freely in what they enjoy. This is why I share.

I don’t see anyone else’s experience having any bearing on mine. I truly have almost zero judgment on the way anyone lives their life, and when I do I question myself why and navigate accordingly.

I often forget where I live and I probably belong more on the West Coast or the North or Europe… oh hell, (pun) probably anywhere other than the Bible-Belt South.

Actually my light is shining bright right here. 😉

Back to the potential dates… because my mind is consumed…

The world-traveling hottie, with the great sheets, the 6’3″ for real workout bod, drinking his coffee in bed– I know he travels the globe, weekly it seems like, because he shared his IG with me, it’s public, he didn’t ask for mine but he wanted me to be comfortable. It was a really great glimpse into his life. He travels mostly alone, has all kinds of women sending him heart-eyes and he doesn’t respond to those but he does always respond to his mom –sweet!– he takes mostly landscape pics… Arizona, Alaska, Brugge!, London Bridge, Brussels, San Fran, and SO many more. He’s done all 50 states! I can’t wait to talk to him about his travels. The things I notice… he only has the occasional Selfie and they are tasteful, like yum, no shirtless, no driving-my-car pics, no bathroom mirror shots lol…and he is usually about to take off to a new destination, in first class apparently, with a great beer or champagne. All this may put me off a bit because I don’t do pretentious. However, when we text, he’s a geek! A goofy in-the-good way, Superhero-loving, movie watching, grilling, regular kind of guy. The kind that sends you good morning texts and asks about your day. We shall see.

Then there is the man that camps, hikes, plays rugby, has a pic of himself on top of Mt. Washburn, standing right where I have! He’s got a great beard! Omg, I think me looking at a great beard must feel like when a man looks at a great ass. I kid you not. I drool. He’s also a lawyer and he looks like a seriously grounded, self-confident man. I mean, he has a pic dressed up like Nacho Libre. hehehe… It works for him, works for me! and shows he doesn’t take himself so seriously. Which again is awesome because… he’s a lawyer, a gourmand and kink is one of the 6 things he can’t live without… where are my hiking boots!? 😉

In truth, actually my desire to write and be myself overrides all else. I am keeping a healthy dose of perspective this time. My nights are spent reading and watching Miss Marple– I am complex — I’m not even sure I want to go on a date right now. I don’t honestly know how I feel. I am running, hiking, spending quality time with my kids, prepping for the holidays and thoroughly enjoying my meditation teacher training.

The rest is simply icing on the cake of a truly magical life. Living it on my terms, overcoming the recent heartbreak set-back and doing things for me, that I love.

Damn, but I do love the topic of said book above and can’t wait to keep reading… and more-so to putting it in… putting it into practice that is. 😉 here’s a link to Blow Yourself Away There goes my mind! Yep, it’s blown!

Ok, damn it’s a toss up. Summer love, traveling hottie, the Rugby playing lawyer that’s into kink. Oh my. Oh. Oh. My.

The pics I’ve received, the great sex I was having and the images in my mind.

Lord help!

That morning text exchange though… oh lord. It wasn’t even sexual!

I did read a few things in last nights book that I’m literally dying to try.

My willpower. Oh my.

Holy Shenanigans Batman I need to go home and break out the silicone & batteries.

I’ll share more Dating Chronicles soon.

Unashamedly, raw, real & vulnerable.

©️ copyright 2017 ArtemisOnFire

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