Twin Flames, Lost Love and Finding More Of Your Inner Magick! 

Read on to discover more about soulmates, Twin Flames and loving instead of losing.


What if that lost love came into your life for a much greater purpose? What if they were a divine gift and lesson all pre-destined for your own evolution? What if they came along for you to find more of your inner magick?

When we began our relationship my recent love said I was free to write about him, however I really don’t feel right using his name now that he is out of my life. Although he still feels right here as you will see as you read. Proceed with a very open mind.

Today was a major turning point in understanding why he came into my life. Scratch that… I’m beyond intellectualizing and fully into feeling here. It was really the feeling that shifted after I stopped over-analyzing and allowed truths to surface. Truths I had thought were there yet I continued to doubt.

Today, and hopefully from now on, I am fully into mySelf, my experience and allowing it to be and unfold… even when it doesn’t make sense at times.

I started my book about ‘love after divorce’ today and the first thing I was prompted to do, after my A-ha moment that is, was to write out what each of these amazing men have taught me. Every relationship comes with lessons and learning. As I was writing qualities of each and ways I grew from every encounter, I noticed that my latest love really solidified things that others had started as well… bringing my sexy back, making me feel desirable, and more that were much deeper truths and also superficial lessons.

He, or our connection really, is teaching me WAY beyond those things though. The Universe is really stirring things up, turning me upside down and shaking all of my self-doubt and limited beliefs right out of my pockets. Truly! This transformation has been waiting to happen and although it’s been glorious, delicious, decadent, divine, holy and then agonizingly painful… it’s obviously just what my soul ordered to expand my consciousness. Yep, he came in like lightning and I am forever awakened.

I’d already perceived that my connection to him was otherworldly, as you will see… read on.  However, I am still human and heartbreak had me doubting all kinds of things, including my Self.

Here’s a great resource to learning more about your Twin Flame experience and a link to show you ways you’re indeed Twin Flames.
He -the one- I had thought of as a soulmate or a Twin-Flame almost immediately. Even before I met him. Even though we had only spoken to each other on the phone, it was non-stop excitement and effortless for hours, and I knew… I just knew. I thrilled at his every word, fell for his voice like I’d heard it through the ages and I simply knew… he was magick!

When I met him, there was no question. I’d felt like I’d known him for lifetimes. I found home. 

I know him to be my Twin-Flame…. Bear with me, keep reading 🙂

There are so many soulmates in life and they can be friends, family, strangers even, lovers and more. Soulmates are not necessarily forever and neither are Twin-Flames as far as the physical presence is concerned. The difference is, Twin-Flames are a part of you, your souls are connected and can never be separated energetically. Often these relationships are rocky, especially at first, or they don’t ever work out because they are so intense and the lessons so overwhelming that either one of you may not stick around to deal with it all. They are here to bring you out of yourself and help you evolve in ways that no other type of relationship ever can. 

Will we be together? I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if I’m completely ready or if he is… that’s the way these soul-lessons work.

Maybe I’ve lost you and this is too woo-woo for you, yet I encourage you TO READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE if you are interested. It’s fascinating stuff. I’ve heard about this concept throughout the years and was always skeptical, to the point of eye-rolling… until I met this man. For me, it’s undeniable and I am grateful I have experienced such a love and connection, even if it was only temporary.

I know he still has lessons to teach me, and love to give me and I him. In this life, the next or simply through the ether….
Our love is transformational. It’s no wonder the connection is beyond any I have experienced before. 

Does this mean we are meant to be together and all of a sudden I become Miss. Havisham, stare at his picture and stop cleaning?

Internet image, Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham from Great Expectaions. SO TRAGIC! Hehe

 Ha! NO– no, it does not and that’s in part due to my sanity and my ongoing Spiritual practice AND my boundaries. Love has to show up for you! I know I’m meant for a great love in this life and if not him, then it will still find me. My faith in love is huge and now so is my belief in myself and my trust that fantastical love is very real. Besides… he’s also reminded me how much I LOVE the experience of love. Yep, that too 😉 I will stay open. I know it will be quite some time though before I am ready for anything else so I will focus on me, my kids, my work, my writing and that next great business idea. Even moreso and something else he’s already taught me… I will simply be. Yes, be. My life’s been full of doing and I took all those tools of life & business into my love life and it was a bit overwhelming. Lightly, I shall travel and love more lightly, fully and deeply. He’s shown me this is who I am and it’s time to fully allow her to feel safe to love. To take my armor off and delight in life. 

He’s given me the greatest gift ever. 
I’ll not tarnish this love either by thinking less of him, or I, for the way we have handled our love… 
How do you handle what you’ve never known? It usually takes practice. 

I am also not clinging to his love, for if I did, he would not be able to expand and grow as he needs, nor would I. That would be the worst! If you are in this type of love and you are clinging… let go. Your bond is so tight that you really affect each other and that is why you must let them go and live. Insert that cheesy quote about “if it’s meant to be it will return” — trust that. Let them go! 

Have faith that letting go does not mean love stops, it means love grows and so do you. 

I love universally, patiently and fully…. 
Knowing that whether we are meant to be together in this life or not, that the right path will unfold. That we will have love in our future. Together or with others I can not foresee. My heart knows a thing, my mind accepts what is. I will let this love guide me to my highest potential and evolve. I am so very grateful to have walked this heartbreak with an open heart and not anger (ok it was there some… I’m no Saint) so I can see what it has to give me beyond the flesh and bone experience.  
I send you love my Twin-Flame lover, as I do to myself. We were indeed divine. Thank you for following your heart and showing up.

All of this may seem bizarre to most. Actually it’s the same for me. Yet, if it mesmerized and helped us grow… does it matter that I think it magical?

A sunset is magical to me, and not unlike the most magnificent sunset… I can not hate it because it went away.

I’m embracing my extraordinary life and will continue to share it no matter how bizarre, magical or out-there it seems. I think the world needs more magic and more people who believe in it.

I’m once again grateful for my Spiritual practice that helps me see myself and all others as divine and not diabolical, that reminds me there is learning in every experience and in my newest understanding… life is the journey! 

My truths are my own and do not require anyone else’s agreement or approval. 

WOW! Don’t we all need to feel that way? Even if I’m wrong… isn’t it still my experience? Who cares!? Be who you are, love how you want to love and above all else do not cause harm or judge others experience.


If we could all be on that page the world would be a kinder and more loving place…. this is why I share, this is why I love. This is why more and more Twin Flame relationships are showing up. They bring extreme love to a world that’s thirsty for it. 
Life is meant to be lived and experienced… not analyzed, questioned or doubted. 

I have found more of my inner magick! For this alone I’m grateful. I long for him to be in my arms, yet he will forever be in my heart. 

I hope this shines a light on any struggles you may be facing as well, in life, in love, in anything… 

Chin up and look for the MAGICK! 😉

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