Let’s Not Rush Love

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Nature as my guide,

Time the illusion

A quickened pace

Ripping through like the destructive 

Force of a storm. 

Your firework demands

Burn too fast, too bright. 

Blinding eyes 

Behold no truth

No beauty

As the fireworks die.

You speak of patience

While rushing by

Our words babbling like a brook 

Holding no water.

If only our pool were still

You could see the reflection of your own 


The image I hold in my heart

Beating in natures time

A slower rhythm making love a rhyme.

True love feels more like a flower to me

The undying kind

Unfolding imperceptible 

Slowly over time

Trusting in the bloom. 

Foundations of trust 

Taking time to build

Nurtured and earned

Not stolen in the dark

With fake promises and sparks fading

In the night.

Illusions of love 

Scattered across time

Will forever elude

Those of us who refuse

To sit still and marvel

At the gifts 

Nature slowly grows. 

The miracle awaits for the patient

And the bold. 

Internet image Queen Anne’s Lace

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