My Imperfect Perfection and The Alchemy Of Love

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How can you not compare

To the lack-loves of the past

When perfect imperfection

Falls right in your arms

Being human is to be imperfect

We struggle

We think the worst

We strive for the perfection we see all around us

The magnificence of bird & beast

Wild flower symmetry 

Union of nature

Flowing effortless in it’s beauty

The absolute perfection of hummingbird to flower

The tireless desire of courting birds

Nesting to share a lifetime

No questions

No doubts

Simple perfection

In being

Here you are

I see you

My heart is not changeable

With you, it is simply healing

Transforming and becoming

All it’s meant to be

This is the alchemy 

That is you

My imperfect human

Who shows up for me

Tirelessly loving

Your same heart

Wounded no different than the rest of us

Has the biggest capacity to love

It deserves the heartbreak mine has suffered

For each time my heart has cracked

Open in the past

It has let more light in

More love

More willingness

It has built my heart

For loving you

The way you deserve

I see this today with 100 eyes

My imperfect perfection

My ability to drive away 

What is best for me

Has cracked open 

Your effulgence has flowed

Into that old love wound

I’ve been shown a new light

In the strangest of places

Now I see it right

What would have been

A breaking for others

Has been a mending

A strengthening 

A bonding beyond my experience

I knew not 

Only dreamed of you

Here you are

Fragile, beautiful flesh and bone

My alchemy of love

My deepest desire

To pour light into

All we are and 

Shine into all we may be

My love has known no other

Wisdom holds my tongue

As yours binds me

Never being perfect

We are here 

in this human Existence 

that is imperfect, flawed, fragile

Yet I still dare to say

For the first time 

I believe the perfection

That is me

Through my loving you

Your love for me

Ignites the spark

Of souls destined 


yes this one ticket to ride

In the imperfect

Most beautiful 

Amusement park of love, lust, desire, need

Wanting, building, growing

Holds the mystery of life and love

The alchemy of us

Forever burning away

Any doubt of it’s 


Creating this union, these pillars we are

Unshakeable in their foundation

As we build our Temple to love

Khalil Gibran on love from The Prophet

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